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Gibson Hires Las Vegas SEO Company

Posted By on August 30, 2015 in Lord Neil Gibson | 0 comments

Lord Neil Gibson has announced the securing of the services of Focus Internet Services, one of the top SEO companies in the country, in order to provide ongoing search engine optimization and website design work for his companies. This decision comes in response to a prolonged online attack which has created the perception of a negative reputation about Gibson on search engines. When a researcher looks on a search engine for Gibson’s name or his companies, they are met with numerous false stories which have been widely distributed across websites designed specifically for the purpose of slandering, or have been mirrored from those sites. The response will be to create a suite of Gibson websites which will distribute true news and facts about Gibson’s dealings, in an attempt to counterbalance the negativity that has been presented.

The issue is found within the fact that Google has no mechanism for vetting the truth of information, and anyone with a website can distribute new as much as they want even if it is not true. Aside from the legal route which will be covered in the future in order to remove the slanderous sites, Gibson has chosen to provide ongoing news about his projects on numerous sites in order to assist researchers in making informed decisions. These sites will need ongoing search engine optimization, which is where Focus Internet Services comes in.

Focus Internet Services is one of the country’s leading SEO firms, specializing in search engine optimization for businesses in order to outrank their competition for their products and services. Gibson will be using this same process to outrank false and slanderous stories about himself. Focus Internet Services has a long ans successful track record of creating higher rankings and delivering customer success. Lord Gibson looks forward to a long and successful partnership with Focus.

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