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skaeve_housing_danishA Danish housing project in Denmark was created to address and eventually successfully house problematic individuals that were not eligible for housing with the main population for a variety of reasons, most of which were related to a history of mental health issues. The project was called Skaeve House, which is Danish for something along the lines of “special houses for special people”.

This is just one more example of Inter Model Steel Building Units (ISBU), also known as shipping containers, used for something unrelated to transporting cargo. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has found and has been promoting ISBUs as an ideal construct to creating living shelters for the needy.

Neil Gibson and SFBBL AG through the SEED Foundation have further been working with a number of governments in devising a strategy to implement shipping container housing for the government’s nation’s homeless, as a near immediate, highly cost effective, long term solution to a continually growing problem.

Pakistan is one of many countries that Lord Gibson is continually communicating with regarding ISBUs and how to effectively construct and apply them to their respective regional areas, especially considering the recent flash flooding that has vexed the Pakistani people.

ISBUs are among the strongest stationary structures in the world, composed of corten steel, able to withstand extensive environmental attacks such as hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and even earthquakes, making them uniquely durable, and capable of carrying 30 tons of cargo.

Average shipping containers are 40 feet in length by 8 feet wide and 9.5 feet high and incredibly versatile in structural adjustments for things such as additional doors and windows, and highly absorbent for spray on materials such as UV ray blockers, insulation, insect repellents, interior / exterior paints, etc, at costing substantially less than traditional construction methods using things such as brick and mortar.

Furthermore, the fitting for a shipping container home is only one-twentieth the amount of energy required to reprocess the same amount of steel, which creates an additional hundred years of life time, making this an extremely green form of housing.

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