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im-a-pakistani2As of early November, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, via SFBBL AG, successfully completed a creative, limited merger with Trust Investment Bank Limited, a reputable, full banking institution with headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan. The transaction resulted in a 10% equity stake as part of the owner group, including a seat on the Board of Directors.

Trust Investment Bank Limited was the result of an international travel campaign to further and finalize a number of well-time business opportunities in Pakistan, specifically the areas of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, having identified that part of the world as “emerging”, and finally ripe for investment and major development.

“Pakistan is completely misrepresented to the American and European population through media portrayals showing the area as undeveloped and antagonistic towards westerners,’ Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson stated during a telephone interview from London.  “I personally can attest to the fact that the cities are completely cosmopolitan, the highways are modern and the citizens are in no way aggressive to westerners.”

Going back some months, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has openly stated on multiple occasions the growing strengths in the Pakistani financial markets, and that with the right infrastructure, Pakistan will most likely become one of the stronger countries for long term investments and healthy short term gains. The acquisition of Trust Investment Bank Limited further proves Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s commitment toward investing in Pakistan, gaining the attention of a number of watchful hedge funds and investment firms, and once again leading the way through innovation.

Trust_LHThe partnership with the Trust Investment Bank, founded in 1992, expands the institution’s current 11 branches through the country, including a developing branch in Dubai. The bank is an institutional lending and speculative investment group comprised of more than 40 highly educated managers, offering loans from automotive to agricultural products. Trust Investment Bank’s portfolio strength lies in its diversity, making the institution healthy enough for expanding into new markets outside of Pakistan and into other Middle Eastern countries. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s involvement reinforces that position and solidifies his faith in the Pakistani economy.

“The future is bright for Pakistan. I am extremely pleased to be a part of it and encourage others to look closely at what this great country has to offer,” concluded Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson.

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is an accomplished world humanitarian and businessman, presently working with SFBBL AG, a Swiss based company, along with the SEED Foundation, a registered 501(c)3. Collectively their efforts are to further the lives of impoverished communities through low cost, shipping container housing along with enhancing the local economy.

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