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Pakistan_8M_HomelessLord Neil Benjamin Gibson is an accomplished world humanitarian and businessman, presently working with SFBBL AG, a Swiss based company, along with the SEED Foundation, a registered 501(c)3. Collectively their efforts are to further the lives of impoverished communities through low cost, shipping container housing along with enhancing the local economy.

Pakistan has been one of the nation’s that has garnered significant attention from Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, even more so in response to what has become the country’s worst rain storm in recent history, resulting in over 8 million homeless.

The Associated Press reported the following, posted at http://www.desdemonadespair.net/2010/10/8-million-homeless-in-pakistan-dying.html.

Muhammad Mosa wakes up and checks on Tikry and Baghee, his buffalo and goat. They are prized possessions, one of the few reminders of the home he fled more than seven weeks ago when floods swamped his village in southern Pakistan.

About 8 million remain homeless following the country’s worst flooding in living memory, many staying in hundreds of relief camps.

Mosa, his wife Shali and their children live in an 8-by-10-foot canvas tent, one of 500 families in a dusty camp set up by a Pakistani charity. Relatives live in neighboring tents. Shali is due to give birth next month.

Two straw mats are spread across the uneven floor, and donated blankets cover the family’s food rations. Kitchen utensils and clean clothes are kept padlocked in a metal trunk.

Mosa has only two sets of clothes. His young children wander around half-naked.

“It is like dying here,” he says. “Dying once is better than dying every day. This is not life.”

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson proposition involves the use of ISBU or shipping containers, as an efficient means of housing the homeless without requiring crippling costs or back breaking labor to construct.

Shipping container housing has been and continues to remain the most reliable, adjustable, quick and affordable means to provide relief to victims forced homeless from disasters.

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