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Lord Neil Gibson On Dubai, Belize, London and Fake Stories

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Lord Neil Gibson has long battled the fake news outlets online that have run stories over the years which are designed to slander him. These informational pieces are generally based upon no real evidence of any kind, and instead are editorial pieces designed to look as though they are actual news items. While Gibson has gone to great lengths over the years to restore his reputation online with regards to searches for his name, there are several instances where these searches continually turn up misleading items to this day. These specific searches will generally involve country or city localized searches for areas where Gibson either once had interests or currently has interests. It must be noted that Gibson does business worldwide, so any misleading information that exists must be considered as potentially damaging, even if Gibson no longer has business interests in the area itself.

In London, Lord Gibson has battled several instances of misleading information over the years, however has used the “right to be forgotten” laws of the UK with regards to Google searches to essentially clear his reputation for searches that happen within the country. Unfortunately this situation only applies to searches which are performed inside the boundaries of the country itself, and searches from outside the country still using the “London” city within the search will deliver results which contain several items of cloned information that was deemed as slanderous several years ago and was removed from the origination sites. This information was then copied and distributed to unaffiliated sites and has remained in search results ever since.

In Belize, Lord Gibson assisted with the marketing of a business colleague in his run for local government. He contributed publicly to Ralph Huang’s campaign and also facilitated the production of several swag items that would spread the word among voters. The local news media in Belize immediately pounced on this situation and created several stories speculating about why Gibson would be interested in the election of a local official. While Gibson never hid his support of Huang, nor did he ever hide the fact that there were several projects that were of interest to him within the country, the Belize media put forth accusations of corruption that extended all the way to the Prime Minister. No evidence of corruption ever surfaced in any form, and yet the stories remain archived online for any search for “Lord Gibson Belize” or any other form of search involving the name and the country. This unfortunate situation has made Belize projects difficult for Gibson, and he has since decided to simply move on to other global areas instead of fighting the media for retractions.

In Dubai, Gibson is currently heavily invested and conducting business. Within the Dubai area, his prospects extend into the formulation and funding of business and development projects that may find it difficult to secure traditional funding. For this reason, within the Dubai area there are still currently searches being performed in the name of research that could potentially effect Gibson, these sites primarily containing the mirrored information discussed above. Gibson encourages those doing research on his business practices to consider the source before believing information online.

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