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Lord Neil Gibson’s career has spanned decades and involved some of the most intense projects the world has seen with the capacity of a single management entity. Gibson himself has formulated and executed some of the most ambitious development plans that have been seen in recent memory, all in the name of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Gibson’s philosophy is to make the world a better place for underserved people by creating opportunity. This same philosophy has the ability to make profits for investors and partners as well, as long as it is executed carefully. The methods that Gibson has used to achieve these goals are generally different depending on the situation, but follow the same path of planning and attention to details.

When Lord Gibson identifies an area that has the potential to create wealth through the utilization of a local workforce and the exploitation of a resource that is available, he first looks into why this has not been achieved to the current point. Generally this will be answered through an analysis of localized government management and a lack of access to foreign help. Governments will seldom call upon outside companies in order to achieve the installation of infrastructure that will ultimately benefit private enterprise, which is why Gibson will many times undertake that infrastructure installation himself, using as much localized help as possible but calling on foreign companies as necessary. The plans are presented to local leaders and governments in order to gain approvals that are necessary, but after this point Gibson utilizes a method of calling on the best companies and partners for a job, regardless if they are local or foreign. Of course it is a priority to use local help, but if this is not available to the extent that is necessary he uses outside connections to accomplish the tasks. The ultimate end goal is the installation of an entity that can support localized labor forces and earn profits which will be re-invested into the community as wealth. For this reason he cannot allow hiccups to the process to happen if local companies cannot execute to the level that is necessary for the totality of the project.

Gibson’s creativity in the development of difficult projects has become the stuff of legends over the years. Seemingly impossible projects stretching from the UK to USA, Africa to Dubai have been undertaken over the years. Gibson relies upon a tight network of partners and providers for all projects, bringing in new partners within new areas as necessary. Most recently Gibson has struck deals with Ali Cloud Investment and Venetian Enrico to service Middle Eastern projects based from operations in Dubai. The new move into the Middle Eastern market is aggressive and should pay dividends for Gibson as well as his associates, as the market is primed for speculative investment and is ripe with new ventures seeking strategic investment and management. Gibson’s expansion into Dubai taps a resource that is in short supply all over the world, creative vision and the desire to succeed.

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